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Welcome to Richie's Fashion​

The Perfect Fit, Every Time

Why Tailor-made ?

Why tailor-made when you can get off the rack?

Let me give you my take on this…The beauty of a tailor-made suit lies in the ability to turn creativity into reality, in the flexibility of choices, in the time and energy you personally put in to create a masterpiece for yourself. At Richie’s Fashion, the options are all yours…be it the fabric, the color, the style, the cut, a particular fit or even the personalization of embroidered names or initials. Nothing will feel as special as having a team of professionals working to create a customized suit just for you. A fit and comfort so perfect that no other off-the-racks could ever deliver.

Style Consultation

I have had people come to me saying “I need a suit…but I don’t know what I want!” This is what makes me love what I do even more. The ability to be able to advise and guide my clients through an endless process of personalization which eventually creates satisfaction is truly rewarding for me. I have dressed my clients for weddings, graduations, religious ceremonies, international events, of course for business meetings and the list goes on. Whatever may your needs be, talk to us and rest assured that we will deliver what you want at a price so reasonable, that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Customer Testimonials

Roger Ellingsen.jpg

— Roger Ellingsen


I've been a regular customer for a few years now. Alex comes over twice a year and takes my measurements and order for the upcoming season. Being 1.96 m and 110 kilos, it was virtually impossible for me to find any stock suits or coats in the shops that would fit me. I was never able to find clothes that I felt that I looked good in. After I met Alex - this was a problem of the past. He's helped me build up a very nice wardrobe over the years, and now I always feel like the best dressed man in the room at conferences or parties. True to his word, he always makes my requests happen.   

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